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EZ Black Cream

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

1. Product Information

Product Category: Hair Care

Item: Moon 17 EZ Black Cream


2. Specification

Color/Fragrance: Black


3. Features

* The use of "silver ions" principle, through the refraction of light (sunlight), the darkening effect used in hair dye. Silver ion sensitive dyes can repair damaged hair

* Free p-phenylenediamine, without adding dyeing cream ingredients which likely cause allergies on scalp

* Add high-purity Dimethicone which can bring with hair supple and silk. And add keratin ingredient, a high concentration of hydrolyzed keratin can repair damaged hair. Can be formed as a transparent protective layer on the hair, repair the loss of nutrients in the hair, rebuilding the hair toughness and luster, avoid hair damage by external

* The concentration ratio of Conditioning Cream is modulated just fine to completely attached to the hair and no dripping. So it is no worry about the contamination on the skin when go outside

* Use Method:

Every morning before going out, apply the color cream to the hair, take sunlight  about 2 to 3 hours, the hair will gradually be able to be discoloration to dark

(Apply at Morning, Shampoo wash at night)

After one time using, hair color became light brown, but if continued to use until  10 times, there will have a significant effect, 100% gray hair can also be dyed brown-black

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