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Bubble Hair Color

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Creating beautiful hair color


  • Bubble Hair Color:45ml+45ml

Key Features

1. Product Information

Product Category: Hair Care

Item: Moon 17 Hair-Coloring Mousse 

         Permanent Hair Dye

Capacity: 45ml(1st agent) + 45ml (2nd agent) per box


2. Specification

Color/Fragrance: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Sweet Orange, Cherry Red


3. Features

* Mousse mixture is new technologies synchronizationas Japan

* One press is Mousse, one touch penetration into the hair

Add chamomile make hair with better gloss, a mild and conditioner function.

* PPD Free, Non-alcoholic, Non-sneezing, Non eye irritating

* Accessories: Measuring cup, User Manual, Mousse special mixture bottle, one pair of plastic gloves

* Two agents mixed into the bottle, squeezed out mousse and proceed the smeared on dry hair coloring. Mousse doesn't drip, coloring hair simple and easily

Payment Details

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