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Instant Shine Hair Mist

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

1. Product Information

Product Category: Hair Care

Item: Moon 17 Instant Shine Hair Mist


2. Specification

Capacity: 200Ml

Applicable to:  For All Hair Types

Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural Oisturizing Factor, Hydrolyzed European Chestnut Extract, Vitamin E Acetate, Meadowfoam Seed Oil


3. Features

* Lock in moisture, Protective, Nourishing 3 in 1 build glossy Look

* Repair Instant Shine Hair Mist, smooth frizz, supply hair necessary nutrients in anytime; add hydrolyzed European  chestnut extractin gredients, deep moisturizing hair, exudes a fresh floral and fruity

* Makes hair shine natural glossy, while forming a protective layer to protect the hair from light pollution; leave softness to hair frizz-free shine all day long heart 

* Use for hair like frizzy, dry & knotted anytime. About 10 cm from the hair and spray evenly, leave a sweet and pleasant fragrance

* Use Instant Shine Hair Mist before style

Step 1: Press Instant Shine Hair Mist about 5~10 cm from the hair and spray evenly

Step 2: Simply finger-comb your hair to nourish, makes Instant Shine Hair Mist evenly attached to the hair

Step 3: Use Finger comb with hair dryer blowing frizzy hair to be smoothly